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The next action is to determine whether or not there's a great deal of competition in your selected niche, and there are a number of ways to tackle this. A basic way is to use a keyword research tool like Ubersuggest to assist you see how competitive particular Google searches are. Let's keep keeping up this cooking area faucet example, to show you how it works. Start by plugging in your search term, and after that click 'Search for' to see the outcomes. As you can see, on the ideal side of the outcomes you'll see an indication that says 'Competitors'. On Ubersuggest, this indication ranges from 0-1, with 1 being the highest level of competition.

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You can also see a range of recommended searches that belong to your niche, along with how competitive they are. The second way to research competition levels is to utilize a service like Clickbank. For the function, click on the Affiliate Market alternative on the home screen. From there, you'll see an alternative to input a search term. Once again using the kitchen faucet as an example, here's how you use this function: In the search engine result, you'll see an area that I've highlighted in the example above called Gravity. On Click, Bank, Gravity is a measurement of how high need is for a product that's on a 100 point scale.

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When you combine all of these approaches, you should be able to get a sufficient view of how well your selected niche will carry out. Too much competition and inadequate demand is a dish for catastrophe, so be diligent in this process. An exceptional example of an affiliate marketer that's plainly done their research in their niche is the highly successful site the Points Man. The website focuses around travel-oriented evaluations and guides, but also offers curated news updates for those already on the go. They also promote credit cards, which is where they make their money. This site gets more than 2.