If you decided to hire lawn care company, you should start looking information around. When you start evaluating lawn care companies, firstly you should know what you need and how much is your budget

There are many professional lawn care service providers out there that can give your lawns some real royal treatment. You can see the results for yourself when you have lush green, weed less lawn to look at and admire. But these services come at a premium price too. For many people regardless of the quality of services, the rates for these professional lawn care companies are way too much.

If you can compromise on the quality slightly, you can also opt for the more economical companies which will provide the same kind of services to your lawn, using lower grade material. In domestic lawn you really may not see a lot of difference between the two services. Regardless of which approach you use, there are some simple tips you can check while picking a lawn care service.

Chemical Treatment

Most lawns are treated with chemical fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides. These do work wonders but come at around $200 annually. If you have a healthy and well mowed lawn, you really do not need any chemicals to keep it that way too. All you need is proper irrigation.

If you want to have strong roots and lush cover try soaking the lawn for a few days rather than misting it regularly. Moist lawn up to 4 cms deep is ideal for grass to grow thick.

Disease Prevention

Many lawn services will offer you preventive care treatment for $50 to $100 a year. Before you opt for it, gather more information from reliable and trusted sources to see if your area really has incidences of those diseases. Sites like www.csrees.usda.gov are perfect places to get verifiable information.

Aeration system

Aeration system are installed by lawn care companies to prevent the lawn from getting affected by fungus and preventing it from drying out. Quite frankly aeration systems are just not necessary in healthy lawn. So rather than investing in aeration system to support an infected lawn, try building a healthy one instead.

Pesticide treatments

Many lawn care company offer services to kill ticks and pests in your lawn. There is a good chance that few of them actually have a valid license to do so. An unlicensed person may not apply the chemicals properly or may not use certified ones. So you need to verify that first.

Got weeds?

If your lawn has weeds, you must first catch hold of the company mowing your lawn. A well mowed lawn with have think and healthy grass cover. With thick grass cover, weeds cannot take roots in there. So weeds really are an indication of improper mowing.

Best time to hire?

The best time to hire lawn care service is during late winter and early spring as the competition then is the fiercest. With some shrewd bargaining you can really get yourself a great deal.


In summary, you can opt for lawn care services to facelift your lawn. But carry out due diligence and ensure that you are really getting what you need and also you are not overpaying for it. Lastly, ask people around to see if they know some service provider who does a good job. Word of mouth is sometimes the best advertisement both for the seller and the customer.

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