How To Become An Affiliate Rockstar

So you want to know how to become an affiliate rockstar? You think you’ve got what it takes to make a profit with affiliate marketing and you’ve invested a small amount of capital. Alright, enough chit chat. several quick and easy steps for you to start making money with affiliate marketing.

Step 1

Select a affiliate partner.

Yes, I said it. It is THAT important. I recommend you partner with someone who has a similar product or service as yours. I know we have a lot of complimentary businesses. Our telephone number is the only identification we have. It doesn’t really help you if they are complimentary businesses. It is only a plus if they are complimentary products or services.

Step 2

Work out how you are going to create traffic. facilitpy is your best bet here. Why? Because most people think “search engine optimization” is that term that means getting your site listed in Google. When they realize its not that simple, they become frustrated and quit before they ever have a chance to build a steady stream of traffic to their site.

People are not typically surfing the web to find a product or service. Your significant other will most likely pressure you to learn “this new method” before you can have a real website. This really irritates me. Why? Because you are spending your precious time, money and resources to promote this individual product. Wasting resources. It really talents owners to create a real website, with all the bells and whistles. Why waste all your hard work?

The answer is you should create an affiliate program. Once you have developed your website, you can then apply to affiliate directories. Once approved, they will then list your website for their visitors to click on. When someone visits your site and decides to click on a particular link, they will be directed to this special page where all their purchase information will be. This is the way to make the money.

I have been very successful with developing web pages that bring traffic to my website. Most of these sites earn about $50 a month. Do you have 10 such sites? If you do, you can receive $50 every month. After your 10th site you will have a nice list of $5000 monthly income. We all know the saying, “Money is in the list.”

It is imperative that you create a visitors grabbing, powerful website and follow-up with your contacts. People do not buy from someone who they have not been introduced to. Pre-selling a product is the single, most important event in the sales process. So, to emulate the godfather of all sales, the wise author Ha Joong tells us, “You must insert a valuable feature that will tempt the visitor to want to visit again to buy your product.”

Remember, you can have all the traffic in the world, all the opt in list in the world, but if your product is bad, your follow up is doomed. brought to my attention by reader Don Bradman. email us…

unheard of. the truth behind affiliate programs is not in the system but in you.

I discovered that you must cultivate a great love for the wonderful products that you are selling and the community of people within your affiliate network.

Folks, there is a built in trust factor for trusting someone. The reason is simple. There are far too many sales pitches today to really convince people to trust anyone. The credit card aspect of selling your product can be very lucrative but it is not the only way to sell. Yes, banner ads are attractive but do we really want to lose our visitors?

The beneath article discusses how to word your affiliate product offers so that they will be appealing to buyers.

o What to sell. Reselling old magazines is not a profitable Idea. Talk to the Author, the seller and see if you can take advantage of their intellectual property.

o What’s hot. This is not a cookie cutter business and you don’t have to “seem like” the industry. Talk to the Author; Don Bradman did great things but he wasn’tost successful either.

o What’s not so hot. This is all about building a business and having Name Recognition for your business. So, talk to the Author; Don Bradman said he believed in his product so much he marketed it as his own.

o How can I be different. It’s not as easy as CAHngine. You have to be creative in your e-mail To reach the idealist in us.

o Makes perfect sense.

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