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Buying Guide to Best AB Machines

Are you keen on shedding belly fat but not sure which machine work? 

It's quiet hard to know what the best ab machine to purchase. You want one that will help you in your quest for the body you desire. We're here to offer you help in identifying what to look for in exercises equipment targeted for your abs and are practical at the same time. After a through look out in the market, we come out with these 5 best ab workout machine which are worth of buying.

We may be able to get down to our ideal weight but still struggle to tone our stomachs. It is no wonder there are many fitness instructors and gurus on the internet. They all show what they did to get their toned or ripped abs.

This buyer's guide suggests the best ab machine for beginners and pros available in the market. Coupled with diet and an exercise regimen, these types of equipment help achieve faster results. You’ll get firm and flat abs you desire.

America is a culture obsessed with diet and fitness. In our bid to keep up, we're always looking for new ways to lose weight and tone our bodies. One area that proves problematic is our abdominal muscle. 

Why To Get an AB Machine?

As you may know, abs refers to the muscle group in the stomach region of our bodies. Being that this area is hard to tone, one requires performing abdominal exercises during your exercises routines. You don't need equipment to work out these muscles. There are various movements that, along with your abs, work out other muscle groups. For those who want to hasten the process of getting a six pack, then a machine is just what you need.

Please keep in mind that it's not a magic pill. You won't use it for a few days and get poster abs. As with anything, it takes time, effort, a proper diet, and workout plan to achieve the results you desire. According to this article, there are many reasons why it’s hard to lose belly fat. Factors like age, performing the wrong exercises and what you eat all contribute to this problem. If you’re checking off some of what’s listed, it may be an indication that, apart from getting an ab machine, there are other changes you need to make.

A quick online search of "best ab machine" will give you endless options. All brands will use marketing language to convince you that their product is best. However, you need more research and understanding not to get ripped off. Some do deliver on their promise while others only frustrate you, and if used wrongly, will potentially cause injury.

What to look for

Just as there are Pilates and crunches that target our abdominal muscles, there are a variety of ab machines that, though different, give you the same results. Here are a few to have in your home collection. It is not a comprehensive list. They are merely the best ab machine you can purchase for home use that doesn't require a lot of room and specifically target the abs. Other tools provide multipurpose use.

1. Sit up bench

You'll find these benches in most gyms. As the name suggests, you can lay on it and do sit-ups or variations of the same. There are now compact versions of the same that one can use at home. Most designs allow you to adjust the angles for added intensity. This type of ab machine shouldn't intimidate beginners- they can use it as quickly as the experts do. As your muscles get stronger, using a sit up, the bench becomes easier.

Cation: If you have back pains, make sure you get a trainer to show you proper work out forms. You’re likely to cause future strain on your lower back when you don’t do the exercise the right way.

2. Ab Chairs

If you're a beginner and looking to tone your abs, an ab chair might be just what you need. They are fantastic for those who have no muscles and just starting out. The reason they're ideal is that they protect your back to make the workouts more comfortable. The back, especially the lower part, are usually strained when doing abdominal exercises when you're starting out. How they work is that they fold to form a crunch.

If you’re stronger or perform advanced exercises, an ab chair may not be for you. It won't provide the intensity required.

3. Ab Wheel

There are compact machines that help you get both ab and upper body workout. Many like them because they take very little space to store and you can use them in a small area. Ab wheels are however not recommended for beginners. One requires some form of upper body strength to get the most out of it. For pros, different designs let you adjust resistant levels

4. Ab Roller

The name can be considered misleading. However, an ab roller is a curved metal frame that aids you in doing a crunch while providing extra support. Though it's great for your abs, it mainly targets the upper part of these muscles. It works well for both beginners and those advanced.


While this guide only offers four types of abs machines, there are plenty more on the market that you can go for. Those we've provided to help you work out the abs only. Do however keep in mind that you cannot gain the results you wish to have without maintaining a proper diet and a consistent workout routine. It is not medically possible to reduce abdominal fat from merely doing ab workouts or using machines. What this equipment should help you do is enhance your features.

There are a variety of designs and resistance available in the market. You only have to find what best ab machine for you. When it comes to your budget, many brands cater to your pocket. Only make sure that you purchase the machine from a reputable company and seek professional assistance as to how to use it well.

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